El colapso de FTX y la subida de Bitcoin: un vistazo al mercado de criptomonedas en 2023


The collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX this year triggered liquidity crises in several smaller crypto companies, sending shockwaves through the market. This event marked a significant turning point in the world of digital assets, causing concern and uncertainty among investors.

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has seen a resurgence in 2023, with its market capitalization surpassing $1 trillion for the first time since its peak in 2021. The limited supply of bitcoin is a key factor in its value, with projections estimating that the peak of new coin creation will occur in 2140.

The recent introduction of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that directly invest in cryptocurrency has made it easier for retail investors to access this asset class. This has led to a significant increase in capital flowing into bitcoin and other digital currencies in recent weeks.

Since US regulators gave the green light to investment firms offering cryptocurrency ETFs on February 10th, the price of bitcoin has surged by over 13%. Industry experts interviewed by CNN believe that bitcoin could surpass its previous all-time high of $69,000 and continue to rise throughout the year.

Part of this optimism is attributed to the upcoming “halving” of bitcoin, a feature that occurs roughly every four years and reduces the rate of new coins entering circulation. Gareth Rhodes, a former deputy superintendent of the New York State Department of Financial Services, noted that previous halving events have resulted in upward price movements.

Despite the recent rally in bitcoin prices, investors remain cautious due to the volatile nature of the asset and increased regulatory scrutiny. Gary Gensler, the chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, warned in January of the risks associated with investments in cryptocurrencies and highlighted the insolvency of several major platforms.

The cryptocurrency market is known for its extreme price fluctuations, making it a high-risk investment option. While some investors see the potential for huge returns, others are wary of the instability and lack of regulation in the industry.

As we move further into 2023, the future of cryptocurrencies remains uncertain. The recent events surrounding FTX and other crypto companies have highlighted the need for stronger regulation and oversight in this rapidly evolving sector. Investors must stay informed and cautious as they navigate the volatile world of digital assets.